Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Okay, so there is no better way to say it...I have been a blogging SLACKER. I feel like my life just got put on fast-forward...and here we are in AUGUST. Now, I know...I know...excuses, excuses, but I have decided that I need to get better about this. I need to LOVE blogging like I love Pinterest or as a dear co-worker of mine calls it, P-interest. Let me just fill you in on what's been up in our busy busy lives for the past two...yes, two months.

Let's start with weddings. We have been invited to a dozen weddings, literally. We're over-joyed for all of our dear friends and family members who are getting hitched...but it does tend to rule your social life, not that we have much of one without weddings. We have traveled far and wide this year...which means we've been on some great vacations...Mexico...Denver...and a little weekend getaway in Greenville, SC! We've got a couple more weddings to go and we're really looking forward to them! Now, moving on from weddings to what has really ruled our weekends...we have been busy little bees working on our sun room.

Some of you already know all about our ongoing project, but for those of  you who don''s probably our biggest project to tackle on our house. Our sun room, was once an open car port. Sometime during the life of our "fixer-upper" the owners closed in the carport to create a sun room. They then put up that really cheapo wood "paneling" that isn't actually paneling, but rather "fancy" plywood. To top it all off, they put down knock-off Berber carpet...themselves...which means raveling seams and all sorts of lovely issues. The heating and air system for the house, which is fairly new, had a bad connection to the sun room, leaving it hot in the summer and WAY chilly in the winter. From day one, Hubs and I have known that at some point we would have to tackle that room. We decided that we would take our time, and maybe over the course of several years, the room would finally be in working condition.

Weeellll, fast forward 8 months, and the room now has perfect heating and air, there is sheet rock over the old wood paneling. We built a wall to create a nice sized storage closet and every door and window has new trim. We added new crown moulding and new baseboards. We put up a new door into the room from the house, and a new door out of the room to outside. We ripped up the old carpet and my wonderful Hubs and some really good friends laid tile. Our trusty electrician friend pulled new wires and installed a new light fixture and here we are, 8 months later and the room is almost finished.

We couldn't have done it without help from our friends, and most importantly our dads! Both of them jumped in there ready to use some power tools, get their hands dirty, and give us a little O-J-T (for those of you who don't know my dad...that means On the Job Training). Our moms have helped us paint, clean, and even grout tile! They are some seriously awesome ladies who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty! Sooo...the only thing we have left to do, is finish building our built-in shelves. The frames are together, we just need to attach them to our brick wall, and then trim them out to make them look all fancy-schmancy. And then, we'll have an awesome and very empty sun room.

Like I said, life has been on fast forward. The next request from one of the readers of my blog(...a Miss AEC...yeah you...) I'm sure will be for pictures...bear with me. I've been promising you pictures for months...and I'll be honest...I keep forgetting. We have some pictures of things every step of the way. Because I have decided to dedicate more time to my blogging, I will promise you that I will post pictures, and a play-by-play this weekend.

Also, stay tuned for news on what Hubs and I are up to this weekend. It involves a furball...any guesses?