Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mom Jeans

Yep...Mom Jeans...

Let's not get it confused with these...

I have discovered the perfect "mom jeans". In the last year or so, J. Crew introduced their High-Rise Skinny Jeans and y'all...I. AM. HOOKED.

I currently own four pairs and I'm seriously contemplating buying more...let's bear in mind that I LIVE in jeans these days and I also live with a toddler...hence the reason why I need so many.

Side note: why is it that your toddler wants to give you a hug when she is covered in spaghetti...but not when she is clean?

If you're looking for some good high-rise skinny jeans, these are the ones! They come just below my belly button and really hold everything in. And truly, they don't look like mom jeans. They are trendy and let's say mom-friendly...'cause no one wants to see your crack when you're on your hands and knees picking up toys!

I just got the black and the sanford wash for Christmas and they are awesome! I HIGHLY recommend them...and great news...the sanford wash jeans are on sale!!!! 

Check it out!

What are your favorite "mom jeans"?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bittersweet Birthday

This week is truly bittersweet. Our baby is turning one. I want, more than anything, to watch her grow up to be a beautiful, kind, smart, funny, outgoing, faithful young woman...but I also miss our baby. I miss the sweet baby snuggles. I miss holding her in my arms while she sleeps. I miss our one-on-one time when I was nursing her.

These past few weeks she has flown through the milestones. She breezed through the transition from army crawl to real crawling, going from sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting. She is pulling up on whatever stable object she can get her hands on, and she is cruising around the house with her walker. I miss my baby.

But though I miss my baby, I am in love with this toddler. I love her smiles and her giggles. I love the way she sticks out her little booty when she pushes her walker. I love that as soon as her walker starts playing a new song she has to stop and dance to the music. I love that when she really likes a song she "sings" along. Our sweet girl can clap her hands to the beat and has that cute bouncy baby move down pat. 

She is eleven months and four weeks old...our baby is a toddler. We are so proud of her. Proud of her progress, proud of her big smile and her happy attitude. We love our sweet girl and while we miss our baby, we are so thrilled to watch this little angel continue to grow up. Friday is a bittersweet birthday. Our baby girl will be one, and we will have officially survived the first year. Cheers to many many more birthdays! We love you sweet Chandler!