Friday, November 12, 2010


Let's talk about Friday. Oh the best day perhaps of the entire work's a day of anticipation, a day of waiting, a day of planning. However, Friday also seems to be the longest day of the week. Tick-Tock... Tick-Tock... Tick-Tock... as you watch the clock ease slowly towards 5:00...

I find that I start my Fridays off with big plans. I always have a long to-do list, a lot of things to keep me busy and Friday seems to be the day that I can always complete my to-do list. And most often this daunting list is completed an hour or so before the end of the day.

What then, I ask, does one do from 4:00 to 5:00 as the weight of the work week is slowly being lifted off your shoulders. On Monday morning, an weight similar to that which Atlas bears is placed on your shoulders for you to carry until Friday at 5:00 when you can escape into the weekend. The perfect, quiet, personal weekend. Two days to take care of your own projects, to relax and be lazy; two days to get organized or make a total mess. Ahhhhh, two days...

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