Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ireland 2013: Part 1

Adam and I decided from Day 1 of our marriage that we wanted to make sure that we did plenty of traveling before we decided to settle down and have little ones. So far, we have kept that promise to each other and this year was no exception.

In our first year of marriage, we were lucky enough to travel to Mexico and Colorado. Each trip was centered around a friend's wedding, but what a great excuse to get out and travel! We also went to Seattle to visit Adam's sister who moved their shortly after our wedding. These were all short and budget friendly trips, but fantastic all the same!

During our second year of marriage, we decided to go to Italy. It had been one of Adam's dreams to go to Rome and to explore the city, the Vatican, and enjoy the excellent food and wine. And I, having been before, was all the more excited to show him one of my favorite countries to visit!

This year we celebrated our THIRD anniversary, and to be honest, I can still hardly believe it's been three years! The time has flown by and we have had a blast! To celebrate and keep our tradition alive, we traveled to Ireland.

Our trip this year was great! Neither of us had ever been to Ireland, and we went with Adam's family. The Sheehans, as you might guess, are originally from Ireland, so for them, it was like travelling home.

We left on a Friday, flying out from Charlotte and straight into Dublin. Our flight cost was reasonable and the flight itself wasn't too long. We arrived on Saturday morning and immediately picked up our car, my sister in-law (who traveled to meet us from Jerusalem!) and headed to Powerscourt Estate and Gardens.

Stay tuned for details of Powerscourt and the rest of our trip!

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