Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Detox: Day 2 and the Palmetto Bug Incident

Detox Day 2 started out well!

6:00 am:  I woke up and felt refreshed. And I'm not sure if it was the detox bath or what, but I slept very, very well! Took my shower and got ready for work.

7:00 am: Made my drinks while drinking my detox green tea.

7:20 am: Drank my breakfast drink. I pretty much enjoyed this one. The flax seed has a stronger taste than I would like, but it's not bad. Pretty easy to finish!

8:00 am: At work and settled in. I spent most of the morning trying to drink lots of water. I read that drinking a lot of water is key when doing a detox.

11:45 am: I'm starting to get hungry and I remember how long it took me to drink the "Green Monster" on Day 1, so I decide to get started.

12:15 pm: I'm a little over a fourth of the way through my drink...and it's time to take a break. I leave the office, and go shoe shopping. Two pairs of shoes later...I'm feeling like I can for sure conquer the Green monster.

1:00 pm: Back at the office, and finish the Green Monster by 1:45. It was a struggle, but I followed most of my sips with water, which helped. Again, it's not the taste that is bad, it's the texture. It's just funky...kind of like trying to drink grits.....yeah, weird!

4:00 pm: I have a pretty stellar caffeine headache, but I'm not letting it stop me. I'm starting to get hungry, but decide to wait until about 4:45 to drink my snack drink.

4:45 pm: Snack drink. This is just the breakfast drink again...and's growing on me. It's not amazing and I don't think I would choose to have it all the time, but occasionally it would be a pretty good

5:40 pm: Leave work, run a couple of errands...aka...wander around the Loft to check out their new merchandise. I'm starting to get fall clothes fever...

6:25 pm: Home. I paint another coat of primer on the mailbox post, water the plants, and sort of straighten up the house. I put my new shoes in the closet :-)

7:00 pm: I decide to make my Day 3 drinks. I figure this way, I can't really lose my motivation, because I would HATE to waste all of the fruits and veggies that go into these drinks. I make my breakfast drink, lunch drink and snack drink for Wednesday...I can see the finish line!

The ingredients for the breakfast drink in the blender...pre-blend

Post blend- yeah, the color isn't appetizing, but the taste isn't bad.
Adam would not be able to handle the bananas in the breakfast and snack drinks. But to be honest, they are one of the ingredients that I can really taste in the drinks and that's been kind of helpful because I really enjoy bananas! It definitely makes those drinks easier to tolerate.

The Green Monster, post blend...

My little soldiers all lined up and ready to go!
7:30 pm: I finished preparing all of my Day 3 drinks...I'll make the final drink at home, after work. I made my dinner drink and filled a LARGE tervis tumbler with ice water and then sat down to watch Harry Potter. Yes, I started another one...why not? I'm on kind of an HP kick...and it's been nice. They are enjoyable and easy to watch. Have I mentioned that the hubs is out of town? Yeah...he is, hence the weird errands and endless Harry Potter movies. If I cannot cook and enjoy a nice glass of wine...I must stay distracted!

9:00 pm: After a great night of sleep after Day 1, I decided I wanted to go to bed a little earlier. So at 9:00 I start filling the tub for my detox bath. Here is where the saga begins...

DISCLAIMER: I live in the South. Palmetto Bugs, aka big ass flying roaches, are kind of regular occurrence here. Do not judge me...a Palmetto Bug in the house is not a regular occurrence, but sometimes it happens. If you've never encountered a roach in your house...tell me your secrets...

So, I fill the tub. The lavender smells amazing and I'm starting to actually feel relaxed before even setting foot in the tub. I get in the tub, take a deep breath...I'm about to really relax...and then I see it...

WHAT....THE...HECK...I'm in the tub...trying to relax...what do I do...

Well, you can't just let him hang I jump out of the tub and proceed to chase the roach around the house...Yes, I'm in the buff...and yes, I'm dripping with water...but that roach has to die. 

Minutes later, the roach is dead and I'm back in the detox bath. I try to relax but to no avail...

10:10ish pm: I'm in the bed, at least 30 minutes later than I had hoped. I'm feeling good, but tired. Everything I've read about detoxes says that you'll really not have much energy during the detox. I completely believe that...because chasing that roach really took it out of me!

So far the detox has been kind of an easy and dare I say, gentle (I believe those of you who have done a detox probably know what I mean by this), detox. Aside from the fact that I love food and am missing it...I could probably do this again...


  1. You may have inspired me Elizabeth! I've actually been thinking about trying one of these 3 day cleanses as well!

  2. Good luck! Let me know what you decide! It's been hard, but hopefully worth it! I'm wrapping it up today and I'll post all of my impressions tomorrow!