Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Crescent Olive

So I took a couple of weeks off from blogging, but I'm back! After a tough weekend of painting and staining,  Adam and I decided we might need to take a little break from all of the work.

The past weekend, we went truck shopping and shopped on Devine Street (for those of you who are not familiar with Columbia...Devine St. is a great place to shop with lots of cute little boutiques for clothing, gardening, cooking and more). The highlight of our "day of shopping" was visiting The Crescent Olive.

The Crescent Olive is a small shop that sells "premium olive oils and vinegars"  and it is AHHH-mazing. When you walk in, you first see several rows of metal keg-like containers that are filled with olive oils and vinegars. You're given a bowl of bread (tiny little chunks) to use for tasting. They have your standard olive oil, but then they have several rows of flavor infused olive oils. We tasted several (as in we almost finished our entire bowl of bread) and so many of them were wonderful!

We decided to purchase a small bottle of the Tuscan Herb and the Garlic Olive Oils. If you close your eyes when you taste the Tuscan Herb it feels like you are in Italy...and the garlic is just plain fantastic!

We tasted a few white vinegars, but the real treat came when we tasted the Balsamic vinegars...with vanilla ice cream!

Now, before you start thinking..."I don't know about that"...give me a moment to explain. IT WAS AWESOME. I, like you, was skeptical. Adam and I were each handed a small cup of vanilla ice cream and a spoon. They instruct you to take a scoop of your ice cream and then pour a little of the vinegar on top and then take the bite. We started with the black cherry balsamic because its information card said it paired well with the two oils we already knew we HAD to have.

It was like tasting vanilla ice cream with a rich black cherry syrup on top. I am so serious when I say that all I wanted to do was sit and eat my ice cream with that rich, tart black cherry vinegar on top. It was sweet, slightly sour, and absolutely delicious. We tasted several others, but the black cherry won.

In the end, we took home the Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, the Garlic Olive Oil, and the Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. We highly recommend visiting the Crescent Olive. For more information and to hear about their specials you should check out their Facebook page!

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  1. I just found a place here in Knoxville that has the same thing! We got hawaiann (spelled wrong) balsalmic vinegar and jalapeno EVOO - together they were amazing on shrimp and chicken and even as a salad dressing! We need to get more!