Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ireland 2013: Part 4

After a fun and relaxing day hanging out in Kinsale, it was time to continue our journey around Ireland. We started out our day by driving about 30 minutes from Kinsale to Old Head. Adam and his family love to play golf, so this golf course was on the "Must See" list for our trip.

Though we didn't have time for anyone to play, the folks at Old Head will happily let you drive in and tour the clubhouse...oh and buy something in their shop. And of course, we enthusiastically obliged.

View on the way to Old Head.

Beautiful view as you prepare to drive through the gate into Old Head. 

Welcome to Old Head of Kinsale!

Lighthouse on the tip of the golf course.

After touring Old Head, we continued our journey from Kinsale to the Muckross House and on to the Ring of Kerry. We had several beautiful views along the winding dirt roads as we made our way through the mud to the Muckross House.

*A tip to anyone traveling to Ireland...pack your wellies. Even if you don't use's better to have them just in case!

A somewhat disheveled sheep we met on our way to the Muckross House.

When we arrived at the Muckross House, we signed up for a tour and decided to walk around the grounds and get some lunch while we waited for our tour time to arrive. The house itself is beautiful and was exactly what I picture when I think of when I imagine a 19th Century Victorian House in Ireland. It was cozy, and warmly furnished with antiques and beautiful artwork.

The stunning Muckross House.

Beautiful flowers at the Muckross House. 

Loved all of the different plants and trees at the Muckross House and Gardens. 
After leaving the Muckross House we started our journey around the Ring of Kerry. This drive is a tough if you have a tendency to feel woozy on long, winding car rides...just be prepared. The views are stunning and the drive is worth it!

Love this guy!
Awkward family photo...another traveler on the road offered to take a picture of us...
unfortunately, he just forgot to tell us when he was going to take the photo
(hence my awkward hand...)

Finally on the coast with lots of sun...and wind!

Note: Sheehan's Point!

This gives you an idea about how the drive went!

We had a great day of sightseeing and driving before landing for the night in Portmagee. Stay tuned...more to come!

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