Friday, July 5, 2013

Ireland 2013: Part 3

After a great night's sleep at our first B&B, we continued on our way. Our first stop on Sunday morning, was  in Cobh (pronounced "Cove"). Cobh was a very small town on the coast made famous by the Titanic. As the Titanic was travelling along the coast before hitting the high seas to head to New York, it stopped along the way in Cobh to pick up a few more passengers.

On Sunday morning, Cobh was very quiet, and made a perfect first stop. We walked around the town, walked through the beautiful Cathedral, in between Masses, and decided to take in the Titanic Museum. Though the Museum was small, it had plenty of interesting information about the Titanic and travel at sea during that time period. We were all surprised by some of the interesting information we learned.

The exterior of the beautiful Cathedral in Cobh

The interior.
After our tour, we stopped for a snack and a coffee and then we were back on the road to Kinsale. We arrived in Kinsale a little after one o'clock. We went our separate ways for a bit and during that time, Adam and I had a nice lunch at the Fishy Fishy Cafe. We split a bowl of seafood chowder, and a huge bowl of mussels with a side of frites! It was delicious!

Cute little side street in Kinsale.
Excellent lunch, mussels and seafood chowder with a glass of crisp white wine. Perfection!
Fun sign on the way to the hotel!
When we all got back together, we checked into our bed and breakfast, Cloisters Kinsale. It was perfect! Clean, bright, quiet and very comfortable! Our lovely hostesses recommended a great walk to the Fort in Kinsale. It was about a 45 minute walk from the hotel to the fort. A beautiful path that followed the coast, our walk had outstanding views and a great breeze. Once at the fort, we toured and then headed to the nearest pub!

The walk to the fort included some beautiful views!

A view of the fort.

And another...

Once inside the fort, we could see the Irish coast and the stunning green green grass!

The Bulman was a great little pub and the perfect stop for a Murphy's !

We had a great day in Kinsale, exploring the town and seeing the many sights. Adam and I ended the day with another wonderful meal. Afterwards, we walked back to the bed and breakfast and went straight to sleep to rest up for another busy day!

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