Monday, April 18, 2016

What I'm Reading

I go through phases of reading and phases of not reading, depending on what else is going on in life. Since Chandler was born, I've been in more of a not reading phases, unless of course it was a book about sleep training, or some other baby rearing topic!

BUT...I finally dragged myself out of that rut and I've been reading up a storm lately. Here are a few of the books I've read and loved recently and a few I've read and loved in the past that you should check out!

I read both Me Before You and After You after seeing the trailer for the upcoming movie version of Me Before You. It did not disappoint. It will make you laugh and cry. It's a wonderful story with some twists, turns, and disappointments, that will leave you feeling fulfilled and a little proud.

by Jojo Moyes

by Jojo Moyes

I have been on a Kate Morton kick. I LOVE her books. They all have beautiful settings and great stories that always have a good mystery threaded in. Kate Morton makes me see the settings of her books in my mind and makes me feel like I know the characters. I highly recommend all of these:

by Kate Morton

by Kate Morton

by Kate Morton

If you can read while crying profusely, then The Nightingale is a great book for you! It's a sad, terrible, and absolutely beautiful story about sisters during WWII. I literally finished it in four days and if not for the small person who consumes most of my time, I'd have finished it in two days.

by Kristin Hannah

The House at Tyneford reminds me of a cross between Downton Abbey and a Kate Morton book. It's a beautiful story with rich descriptions, definitely a must-read!

by Natasha Solomon

So, now that summer is upon us, and beach reading season is here...What have you been reading lately? What is your favorite book? What should I add to my summer reading list?

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