Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Brief Lesson on Etiquette

To all of you Southern women out there who are familiar with the "bless her(or his) heart" expression then I'm quite sure you can appreciate where I'm going with this. I'm currently on an airplane 10,000 ft above the ground headed to Seattle, WA filled with "bless their hearts" types of people. That said, I'm not asking for sympathy but rather a brief moment of your time for a little etiquette lesson.

So here we go, for those of you out there who didn't have a charming Southern upbringing... take notes! When on an airplane I feel basic etiquette is most important so that you don't earn yourself any glares from your fellow passengers. The volume of your voice is very important. An airplane is a small space so there is no need to shout to your neighbor or tell stories to each other loudly enough for the people in front or behind you to hear. And my OH my you should never yell across the aisle to the guy who just purchased wifi to ask him to check the flight tracker to see where we are. Bless your heart, sir. If you want to know where we are use your laptop (the one you currently have on your tray table) to purchase your own wifi and check the status of our flight. Leave the nice man in his window seat with his headphones on alone...because he is enjoying his flight unlike the people around you because of your incessant shouting.

Next airplane lesson...never EVER drink too much. I don't mean too much water...I mean those cute little mini bottles. No one enjoys sitting next to someone who smells of New Orleans after Mardi Gras for 5 minutes, much less 6 hours! Now, I for one think that drinking plenty of fluids is important, despite the fact that you might have to ask your neighbor to stand often so that you may visit the restroom (you should periodically move around the aircraft during your you're really helping your neighbor stay healthy on their flight)just be sure that your are hydrating with plenty of nonalcoholic beverages.

Food...a sore subject on airplanes I feel. If you bring your own, which is just about your only option now, choose something bland so as not to draw negative attention to your meal. For instance the Chinese food with onions and garlic across the aisle from me and what smells like fried oysters in front of me are a bit obnoxious. Some people have strong reactions to smells and though the airline keeps seats stocked with little bags for those who can't handle the turbulence, your food should not be the reason why that little bag gets used.

Well I feel like after this little lesson I should at least tell you about my trip! My sister-in-law, Alli moved to Seattle briefly after Adam and I were married. We've been dying to visit. So we're taking advantage of this long weekend and jetting across the country to beautiful Washington. I've never visited Washington and I am thrilled at the chance to hop on a plane and head to a new fun place. I'm ready for cooler weather and mountains. I've packed a suitcase full of ever-classic cardigans and some of my fall favorites like my Banana Republic leather jacket that I called all over the country to find and my favorite skinny citizens oh fall! I am ready!

We're going to wine and dine, hike, tour, and shop, and I can't wait for the exploring to begin. We're staying with some family friends who own a vineyard and produce their own wine. I'm going to try and learn as much as I can about the process! Get ready for pictures, stories, and a couples of fun reads!

Have safe and happy long weekend and remember as you fly to your Ritzy vacation spots to be on your best never know when a Southern belle with a knack for etiquette is sitting in the seat beside you. Cheers!

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