Tuesday, January 20, 2015

40 Week Bumpdate!

40 Weeks! Can't believe today is baby girl's due date!
How far along: 40 weeks!! I'll be honest, I really thought we wouldn't make it this far! A teeny tiny part of me thought we would be welcoming our sweet girl in week 39, but here we are at 40 weeks. I do have some exciting news though, our sweet girl WILL arrive this week. We will be inducing on Thursday unless she graces us with her presence before then. We are so excited to meet her and see her little face. Can't wait!

Baby Size:  The size of a jackfruit...not really sure what that is. She is likely 19 - 20 inches long and weighs somewhere in the realm of 8 pounds. 

Weight gain: I'm up at least 40 pounds, but will not be weighed again before the big day. My goal, once this little one arrives and we get in a good rhythm is to lose about 40+ pounds.

Maternity clothes: Yes, and they are getting snug!!! 

Sleep: Sleep in fine. I tend to sleep better early in the morning than I do throughout the night. I will really cherish these next two nights of sleep, as things will really be changing after that! I'm going to try and fit in a couple of naps over the next few days! Then, we're up bright and early on Thursday!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!

Movement: Still lots of movement. I can't wait to meet our little one and see how she wiggles around! For months I've just been imagining what she is doing and I can't wait to see for myself!

Best moment this week: We had a wonderful week and a great weekend. Adam and I spent a lot of time together and a lot of time with some of a very close friends. We had dinner with great friends on Friday night, went on a date on Saturday night, cooked dinner in on Sunday night and had an impromptu dinner with our neighbors last night. On Saturday Adam and I took the day to ourselves and did a little shopping for ourselves and a little shopping for baby! We enjoyed the wonderful weather and spent a lot of time outside either walking or just hanging out. It was a fantastic weekend!

Sweet Fourth of July bubble I purchased from a friend this week!
It's so fun to start planning for our little girl!
No baby of mine would have a complete wardrobe without a little pink UGA hoodie!
Her aunt and grandparents will be very proud!
Date night! Love this handsome guy!
Enjoying this awesome weather, with our favorite neighbor cat, Clancy.
I've said it a million times, but I'll say it again...we are so blessed to have each other, and so blessed to have such a great support system of family and friends. 

Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to meeting our baby girl this week!!

Food cravings: Cereal...not really sure why, but I have been craving cereal all of the sudden...and not the healthy stuff...haha! But I figure I might as well indulge now...once baby gets here it will be time to cut back and get in shape!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

What I miss: I'm not really missing anything these days. I have been somewhat mourning losing my one on one time with Adam. I know things will be great, and I know that I will love him more than ever once I see him with our daughter. But, I can't help but be a little sad that our time as "just the two of us" is coming to an end. He has been so wonderful throughout this pregnancy and has dealt with me (on the good days and bad) with such grace and love. I can't even describe it. I know he will be the best dad and I can't wait to see that, but a tiny part of me still wants to keep him all to myself. 

Symptoms: The usual, swelling, backache, and just being generally uncomfortable. But, I am looking forward to later this week when all of that magically goes away!! (And I'm sure will be replaced by something else unpleasant...but hey...at least it will be new!)

Nursery: Ready and waiting!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Mood: Generally speaking, I'm excited and nervous. But, I do have little bursts of being sad and anxious about all of the change that is going to take place in just minutes sometime this week. I am such a creature of habit and the anticipation of the change is hard...I'm just ready to get this new life started and begin to figure things out!

Workouts: I've been walking as much as I can. I'm not really keeping track of the miles, but I've been trying to get outside to go for a short walk at least every day. I've done most every day this week and it has been nice. Now, I'm just trying to soak up this warm weather we're having before it gets cold again later this week!

My desk this morning...pretty darn lucky!
I am a ball of emotions and feelings right now. Excited about the future, that really starts this week. Nervous about the future and the changes that come with it. So thrilled to meet our sweet baby and scared about how we will handle parenting. I am so emotional when I think about our families meeting our sweet girl. I get tears in my eyes when I imagine my mom, dad and sister holding our daughter.  We are facing some beautiful moments this week and it is so hard to grasp just how beautiful they will be. I am bracing myself for a week of tears, good, bad and ugly, but mostly great...I imagine we are in for a lot of tears of joy this week. What a journey this has been...and what a journey we're about to take. 

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