Friday, February 6, 2015

Chandler Francis

Just over two weeks ago, we welcomed our sweet daughter, Chandler Francis, into the world. I've gone back and forth over whether or not to post her birth story and I have decided to give an abbreviated account (sans all the gory details, you're welcome).

Adam and I went into the hospital on Thursday, January 22 at 6:30am. I was scheduled to be induced, but had already started having some contractions and signs of labor at home. I was admitted and given pitocin to get the ball really rolling. Around 7:30, my doctor came in, made sure all was on the right track, and broke my water. I knew from the start that I wanted to have an epidural, so at 9:00, I finally gave in and had the nurse call the anesthesiologist. I picked a great time to call because Labor and Delivery was filling up and he didn't have a line yet! By 9:30 I was feeling pretty good!
Obligatory hospital picture...
Things progressed fairly slowly that morning, but by the time my doctor came by around lunch, I was dilated 6cm. My parents arrived around that time also and it was nice to have a little company for awhile. By 3:00, I was dilated 8cm and Adam and I were feeling confident that our little one might arrive by dinner time! At about 5:30 it was time to start pushing. I pushed for about an hour and then took a break while my doctor did a c-section for another patient. I got a great nap and when she returned, I was feeling energized and ready to keep pushing. 

At about 8:30 or so, I started pushing again and things just weren't going the way that we thought they would. Chandler was angled in a way that was making it difficult for her to go under my pelvic bone. It was at this time that my doctor suggested we think about a c-section. I'm so grateful for her guidance and advice, while she offered to push with me all night, she was very up front and realistic about the fact that that just might not work. Adam and I decided that the c-section was the best option. By 9:50, I was in the OR and was being prepped for the c-section. Adam came in a few minutes later and by 10:06, our sweet girl was here. 

Adam went with Chandler and the nurses to the nursery to make sure that she was in tip top shape while my doctor finished my c-section. Adam was nervous to leave me because at that point I was shaking uncontrollably (a normal side effect), but thanks to a wonderful and very sweet nurse anesthetist, that was taken care of swiftly. 
Our first family photo.
Following the delivery, I was taken to the Recovery Room where Adam came to check on me and a nurse brought Chandler in so I could feed her. Everything went well with our first feeding and within the hour, we were getting settled into our room in the Mother/Baby Area.

Our parents, who had been waiting for hours, came in to meet Chandler. I am so thankful my parents made the trip for the delivery, because at that particular time, I definitely needed their support. 

Finally, by about 2:00 in the morning, we were able to attempt to get some sleep. We spent two nights in the hospital and on Saturday we were cleared to leave.

Adam and I are so thrilled to have Chandler in our lives. We are so very blessed that we welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby. We are still getting the hang of things (obviously, as we are only two weeks in...) but we love her more and more each day. We have been showered with meals and visits from great friends and have had some unbelievable help (thank you, Mom) over the past two weeks. 

Thank you all so much for the kind phone calls and messages you have sent us. I am healing well and Chandler is thriving!

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