Monday, April 20, 2015

Chandler's Baptism

Before the Baptism
Last weekend, our sweet girl was baptized. Since Adam and I started dating almost nine years ago, we've had a running "conversation" (sometimes heated...) about our future children's religious upbringing. Adam is Catholic...and he is a darn good Catholic, and I am Methodist...and a pretty darn good one as well. AND add to the mix that we're both just a teensy-bit stubborn and set in our ways and you've got the makings of a pretty interesting discussion.

Over the years we have gone back and forth on how, and where we would raise our children. It has always been so important to us that our children be raised in the church and with a strong support system for their growing faith.

Just before our little Chandler arrived, we decided it was time to make a decision, once and for all. Neither of us wanted Chandler to think anything was wrong with either of our respective churches, and neither of us felt like choosing one church for her was our decision to make. With all of that in mind, we turned to a dear friend of ours, the minister who married us.

With her advice and after much discussion, we decided to baptize Chandler in the Catholic church so that she might partake in all of the Catholic sacraments and be able to participate in all of the Methodist traditions as well.

This weekend, we saw our "plan" for Chandler come to fruition. On Saturday afternoon, our little one was baptized in the Catholic church. We were the only family with a child to be baptized on that day, and were lucky enough to have a private baptism with our family and close friends to witness. It was such a special and intimate time.

Chandler with her Godmother

Our little family of three with Adam's grandmother and parents.

...with my parents and Aunt Chandler

On Sunday, the Methodist church where I am a member, recognized Chandler's baptism and welcomed her into the Methodist church family. Both the baptism and baptism recognition were more touching and special than I anticipated. Two beautiful services to welcome our child into two beautiful faiths.

Though I felt a loss when we made the decision to baptize her Catholic, after the two ceremonies, I feel at peace. Chandler is going to be surrounded by faith, hope, and love and she is lucky enough to receive all of that from not one, but two church families.

Just after her baptism recognition, the Methodist choir that I so love being a part of, sang "Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place" and I couldn't help but think those words were being sung to us. Surely the presence of the Lord can be seen in Chandler's baptism and baptism recognition. Praise be to God for our endless blessings.

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