Monday, June 8, 2015

Four Months!

I think I say this every time, but time is FLYING by! Our sweet Chandler is four months old (plus a week....) Chandler is starting to sit up with some assistance. She loves her Bumbo seat and her bouncy seat. She is chatting up a storm and has just recently started to squeal when she gets excited.

Adam and I wake up nearly every morning to the sound of her cooing and blowing sweet (and sometimes kind of violent...) raspberries. We had a great visit with Grandaddy and Gigi this month, they came to stay with us while Adam was out of town. We took Chandler to the Botanical Gardens and we enjoyed it so much that we went back the next week with Aunt Chandler.

Second trip to the botanical gardens!
Showing Aunt Chan her gardening skills!
I had an absolutely wonderful first Mother's Day and enjoyed spending the day with our little family of three! We celebrated with brunch and a little stroll and some window shopping! It was just the perfect day!
Worn out after an afternoon celebrating Mother's Day.
This month we dropped the swaddle! Chandler is now sleeping with both arms out of the swaddle. We're still keeping her midsection swaddled for a little longer and will soon move to the sleep sack. We are so lucky though, we have a very good sleeper! Chandler can roll from her tummy to her back, though she rarely does...I swear she just likes to make me worry! She also loves to hold and touch the faces of everyone that holds her...just watch out because the next step is attempting to put your whole face in her mouth.

Our little snoozer...
She has definitely started teething and the drool is insane. We are still exclusively breast feeding and aren't planning to introduce anything else until Chandler is six months old! At this rate, I think we might be seeing her teeth around the time with start trying other foods!

On the agenda for Chandler's fifth month...a trip to the beach, a visit with Grandaddy and Gigi in Georgia and an introduction to the pool!

We love you so so much, sweet Chandler. You have changed our lives for the best!

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