Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Five months!

Little Chandler is five months old this week! This has been a crazy month in terms of introductions and new skills for Chandler. To kick off the month, we spent a long weekend at the beach for Memorial Day. It was so nice to get away as a family and spend a little time on the beach relaxing! Chandler enjoyed the beach, despite the wind...and while she was a little wary of sticking her toes in the ocean, we think we'll have a little beach bum on our hands before we know it!

Adam had a week-long business trip this month, so Chan and I headed to Georgia for the week to hang out with Grandaddy, Gigi, and Aunt Chan. We went to the pool twice and it was so much fun! Chandler is a natural and loves the water! She even kicks her little legs as you pull her along. I hope this means she'll be excited for swimming lessons in July!

This month, Chan found her feet and regularly likes to put her toes in her mouth! She has also started to squeal when she is excited, or actually just whenever she feels like it. She has also started sitting up!
Pardon the nudity...just a good way to deal with a little diaper rash!
Yet another first for this month!

After all of that traveling, Chan sure was glad to see her Daddy! These two are so cute together. Adam is such a great, hands-on dad. We are so lucky to have him! We had a great afternoon together celebrating his first Father's Day.

We started sleep training this month, when we hit the four month sleep regression. It has been an adjustment (more for me!) as we let Chandler cry it out now, but she is really learning fast! We have a great little sleeper on our hands now! A few weeks ago, we had Chan's four month check up and everything is right on track! Chan is 24 1/2 inches long and weighs about 15 pounds! She's starting to get some chunky little thighs and little chubby cheeks! We are so proud of our healthy baby!

With all of that growing, this little one needs her rest!

Mom Update: I've had a few people asking for an update on my blood clot and life as a stay-at-home mom. First, thank you for asking! The blood clot is slowly dissolving and my doctor is pleased with my progress. I've been able to exercise and run, and basically function normally now that I am making some progress. Life is great! I love being home with Chandler each day and we have got a great rhythm! We go for a run or walk every morning to start our day. I love being able to be so hands on in Chandler's play, and I love helping her learn! I am so thankful for this life!

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