Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stitch Fix

It's been awhile...

Let's be honest, I'm showering every day...but sometimes it's not until after naturally, I've been choosing the shower over blogging. I feel certain that you all will understand!

But, I'm trying (desperately) to get back o the blogging wagon.

I'm super behind when it comes to everything in the world  things like Stitch Fix! I've been hearing all about it for forever and I've been dying to try it and I finally signed up! My first "Fix" is arriving on October 2 and I am pumped! I'm hoping that maybe I'll gain a few pieces out of this that just step up my mom wardrobe just a little bit. I mean not that yoga pants aren't awesome...

Have you used Stitch Fix? How did it go? Have you kept up? Have you found some pieces that you love?

If you're like me, and still have yet to try it, use my referral link to give it a shot! We'll try it together! 

Happy Hump Day!

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