Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Cleaning

So, Spring has officially sprung in South Carolina. Everything is coated in pollen...as in my silver car is yellow, our driveway is greenish yellow, the road is yellow, you can smell the pollen in the air, and if you're really lucky and the wind blows while you're outside...you can literally see the clouds of pollen as they engulf you.

Basically what this means, is that it is time to tackle spring cleaning. When the seasons change, I like to take the time to do the weird, random cleaning. My list of what I'd like to get done feels like it is about a mile long, but in actuality, I could probably get it all done in about a day...if I just put my mind to it!

Here is what is at the top of the list:

  • Wash and iron the duvet cover, shams, and matelasse cover on our bed.
  • Clean all of the windows and storm windows, inside and out, and remove the window screens (they are all beyond help!)
  • Clean out our sun room closet.
  • Organize the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink
  • Clean the blinds

Now I just need the motivation to tackle these chores...

What's on your spring cleaning list?

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