Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dining Room Decor

As yet another part of our big home improvement project, we have taken on the task of slowly redecorating our dining room. Let's be honest, it was never really "decorated" in the first place actually. So, we have been spending a little more time focusing on giving it a little face-lift. From the moment we knocked out those walls, I could see that we were going to have to make some changes in our kitchen and dining room.

Our kitchen had a kind of cluttered look that I had never noticed, and our dining room, just needed a little help. About  two months ago, we purchased a new chandelier. That really helped the lighting situation in our dining room and added a more "dressed up" feel to a kind of casual room. And a couple of weeks ago, when I was out of town, Adam painted the dining room "Aganthus Green" to match our kitchen and sun room. He also put up new blinds!

Prior to knocking out the walls in our kitchen, we moved our dining room rug into our sun room, simply to get it out of the way. Upon moving the rug, we discovered that it completed our sun room in a way that we did not expect, leaving us with no rug in the dining room!

I've been slowly putting a little money aside for projects and fun, but unnecessary, purchases. I've been eyeing a run at Pottery Barn for years (yes, years) and we finally decided to bite the bullet!

Our new rug arrived on Tuesday and tonight we unrolled it and put it in its new home, the dining room!

New rug before the furniture was put back into place.
Though our dining room is still not complete, I'm really thrilled with the way the rug pulls everything together.

A photo of our dining room, complete with new rug!
Still on the list of things to do in the dining room:
  • Revisit window treatments...we need a little help in that department, those curtains and that skimpy curtain rod are just not doing it for me!
  • New window trim, crown molding, and base boards.
  • Add a centerpiece for the dining room table when it's not in use.
  • Find some little decorative items or details to spice things up. 
We're excited to add one more piece to our puzzle!

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