Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bathroom Renovation: Day 1

The hubs and I bought a cute little "fixer-upper" five years ago. We absolutely love our house and were excited that we could move in right away, but still have plenty of things to work on over time. If you've been following this blog, then you know we've done some semi-major improvements like renovating our sun room and taking it from a dull and not so great room, to a cozy and livable space. About a year and a half ago, we knocked out part of two kitchen walls to open up our kitchen into the living room and dining room. 

We have been lucky that in all of our projects (minus the fence building and some hardscapes in the front yard) we've been able to do the work ourselves, with the help of our families. This next project is a slight exception. We currently have, or really had (before today) a three bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom house. The half bathroom served as the "master" bathroom and was by far the ugliest room in the house and one that I vowed not to touch until we were ready to take it to the studs. Yes, it is that ugly...

Well, that day came today. We've hired Hometeam Renovations to help us with some of the work, because let's be honest, we cannot afford to be without this bathroom for months...and that is how long it would take us on our own...

We are converting our half bathroom and a closet into a tiny, but very functional full bathroom. I warn you before you look at these pictures...the "before" is pretty darn hideous...but the after (not pictured yet of course) is going to be much MUCH better!

Here is the progress from Day 1!

Don't ask about the blue toilet seat because I don't know...and like I said, I vowed not to touch this room until we took it to the here we are...

As of this afternoon the vanity and sink had been removed and the mirror had been removed, leaving a hole into the closet. Hopefully, when I get home tomorrow afternoon, the wall between the bathroom and the closet will be gone too!
The ruins. 
Though our house is in a serious state of disarray and we are sleeping in the guest bedroom along with all of the stuff we moved out of the other guest bedroom and our bedroom...I am really excited about this progress. I am looking forward to watching that ugly gray toilet ride away on the flatbed next week, surrounded by pepto-bismol pink tile.

Adam and I will be doing the tile work in the new bathroom ourselves, this includes tiling the floor and tiling the walls and floor of the new shower. I'm still working on the "look", but we're thinking white subway tiles in the shower and a gray tile that looks like wood for the floor. We've got two sinks to try out, and we're hoping the sink with the vanity works, but we're working with a pretty small space, so we'll have to see! I can tell you one thing for sure though...there will be no pink or baby blue in this bathroom!

All-in-all, I'm excited! Progress!

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