Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bathroom Renovation: Day 3

This post is going to be a lot of pictures...mainly because at this point...I'm exhausted...

We arrived at home this afternoon to find our crew hard at work. They'd moved the plumbing, installed the new light switches and ran the new electrical for our fan, outlet, and new light fixture.
A look at the new pipes for the new shower!
Never have I been so excited about light switches...
After we arrived, they started working on bringing our floor up to the right level so that we could tile and at about 7:45 we got to work! The space was pretty small, so it didn't take us too long to get through it, but we did have to make some interesting cuts...which always spices things up!

Beginning of the first row...
Putting down a layer of thin set.
Tile cutter...excuse the towel, the saw was spraying water at
him since we opted to remove the blade cover.
*NOTE: We realize it's there for a safety measure, but it was holding us up...
and no fingers were damaged during this project. 
A full row done!
The nice thing about tiling a small space you progress pretty quickly once you get past the initial row and the initial cuts! We used 6" X 24" tiles that we purchased at Lowe's. This bathroom will have grey and white fixtures (floor, shower, vanity, etc.) I have yet to select a color for the walls, but it will not be gray or white. I'm hoping to paint it a light blue or green and bring a little color into the room with a shower curtain.

Installing the last few pieces...

All done...don't mind the insulation...
As usual this project was great wifey/hubby bonding time.
I must admit, Adam and I make a pretty good construction team. Maybe when we retire we'll flip houses for fun! In the meantime, we're keeping our day jobs and just incorporating the occasional evening and weekend renovation project.

Tomorrow we expect the fan to be installed, the wall between the shower and the guest bedroom to go up and the shower and pan to be waterproofed. We're getting closer! Our contractor tells me the sheet rock will go up over the weekend and the toilet and sink will be installed on Monday! So excited!

Once the contractor is finished, we have a little checklist for ourselves that includes: trim (crown, base, and shoe molding), painting the bathroom, tiling and grouting the shower (by far the largest and most time consuming item on the list) and lastly, moving in! I can't wait to get to the part where we're hanging the shower curtain and organizing the bathroom! We're getting there!

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