Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Blog Loves

It's been awhile since I last posted on some of my new favorite blogs, but since I've been shamelessly using recipes from one of them (literally, two this week already) I figured I should tell you about the blog before I start telling you all about the borrowed recipes!

Up first though, Camp Patton. Grace, the author, is a mother of four children and wife to a doctor who is on rotations. She is super woman, like literally. She is an amazing photographer and take beautiful photos of her children (they are pretty darn cute subjects...) I love that she owns that life with four children as a stay at home mom, means a life that is sometimes chaotic. Her sense of humor is great and her four little ones are adorable. She writes mainly about their life and what's going on in the Patton household. As a soon to be mom, I love this blog...BUT would highly recommend it to everyone I know (pregnant or not, mom or not). Reading her posts is one of the highlights of my day, they always make me laugh!

My second new blog love is Pinch of Yum. This blog is written by a husband and wife couple and they post recipes. In the effort of full disclosure, I'll say that some of the recipes are a little different and have not be appealing, but a large number of them have looked and sounded amazing. The photography on this blog is excellent and the recipes are all pretty easy and straightforward! We've already tried two recipes this week and have plans to try a third. I also have a stack of them printed out in the queue for next week! As I find good ones, I'll pass them along!

Hope you guys enjoy these two blogs as much as I do!

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