Tuesday, November 11, 2014

30 Week Bumpdate!

30 weeks!!!
How far along: 30 Weeks...I can't believe we're in the home stretch with only ten weeks to go! It's exciting and scary and bittersweet. While I'm ready, I'm also feeling like I'm really not ready!

Baby Size: Baby girl is the size of a butternut squash this week! She is about 17 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds! She is still filling out and putting on weight and as her organs finish developing, the lanugo (little hairs) all over her body are starting to come off! I can't believe she'll be full term in just 7 weeks!

Weight gain: Up about 25 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the number on the scale is okay and it's okay that it's going to keep going up. I'm going to continue exercising and eating well and hopefully when the time comes, getting in shape will be easy and fulfilling. I'm ready to get back to running and exercising like normal!

Maternity clothes: Of course! Though I'm trying to pair my maternity pants with some non-maternity tops. Only about ten more weeks and I'd love to get through them without buy too much more in the maternity clothes department!

Sleep: Sleep is even more interesting than it was last week...I am starting to get the impression that I might be moving into the insomnia phase...3:00am and I have started to really get to know each other...

Gender: GIRL!!!!!

Movement: Tons! This weekend was so exciting because she was really moving a lot and my family was able to feel some serious kicks. Their reactions were picture perfect and so sweet. This little nugget is already so loved!

Best moment this week: We had a great weekend with my parents and sister in town and summed it all up with the best couples shower on Sunday! We are so very lucky to have such wonderful and sweet friends. I feel so blessed that our little girl will grow up surrounded by such fun, smart, and caring adults.

Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to a little trip home this weekend! Some sweet sweet friends of mine and my family are hosting a fun little ladies shower on Sunday and I am looking forward to seeing everyone! This is also the next to last REALLY busy week at work, and I'm looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel!

Food cravings: Still pancakes and fruit...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

What I miss: Missing red wine and regular feet...the feet more than the wine. 

Symptoms: Swelling feet. I know I have a lot of control over this...I can make things much better if I slow down and put my feet up, but finding time to do that is hard and the swelling is frustrating. But, I'm hoping as things slow down a little in the next few weeks that I'll be able to really get this under control!

Nursery: We're almost there. Just a few small things now! Stay tuned for a full tour in the next several weeks!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Mood: My mood is all over the place. I'm going to blame this on the third trimester hormones...but I'm really starting to see some major swings. I feel like most days I wake up on the "right side of the bed" and then within minutes can be in tears...poor Adam has soldiered through this part and been a sweetheart about comforting me...even when I'm not even sure what I'm crying about! Pregnancy can be a little crazy!

Workouts: This week was a little slack on the workouts. It was truly a very busy week, I walked about 8.5 miles and did one hour of yoga. Hopefully I'll get back on track with the workouts this coming week!

There are so many emotions flying around now. We are excited and nervous, thrilled and anxious. I'm really starting to feel the nesting coming on and I imagine after this weekend it will be full force as we start to really get down to business and get things organized. It's time to start stocking up on diapers, postpartum needs, and start stocking the freezer with meals for when baby comes! This is all so wonderful and amazing and completely overwhelming. I'm excited, but at the same time, glad we have ten more weeks (give or take...). 

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