Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend (and Last Week) Recap

Wow! I missed you guys! Pardon my unannounced week off last week, but I was waist deep in cheesecake orders! 

This weekend recap is going to cover the weekend and some fun things we did last week! 

On Monday, Chan and I were busy busy! We had a play date at the zoo, followed by dinner at home and then a quick bath before going to watch Adam's basketball game. 

Chandler and her friend Caroline at the zoo...this play date was GREAT for the mamas...
and maybe a little underwhelming for the babies!
 I could not believe how much Chandler enjoyed Adam's basketball game. We got there early so we could see him and talk to him, in hopes that it would help her spot him on the court later. did! She watched him and got excited and squealed just about the whole time! We have a little basketball fan on our hands!

Basketball game selfie!
The rest of the week was filled with flu shots (she took it like a champ) and lots of new finger foods! Chan has become a fan of pretty much anything we put in front of her! Praise the Lord! BUT...spaghetti or really anything with a tomato sauce is her favorite...

I cannot get enough of that sweet spaghetti covered face! Obviously with the addition of spaghetti and solid foods in general, we've had to change up our routine and follow dinner with a bath...immediately! We're trying to get Chandler out of her baby tub and into the big tub but she is NOT into it. Anyone have any suggestions?

Adam and I are part of a supper club with my Sunday school class and we were supposed to meet this week, but it was cancelled...SOO we decided to celebrate anyway and go out on a little Tuesday night date. Y'all, sooo nice. It was just SO SO SO nice to go out together and talk about adult things and have adult conversation and laugh and eat and drink good wine. It just reminded us that we need to do it more often! Cheers to that!

The rest of the week was filled with lots of crawling (by the little one) and lots of cheesecake making (by me). I made my first sales this weekend and boy, it was busy! I sold five cheesecakes! The winer, by far, was the Heath Bar Cheesecake...feast your eyes on this...

After all of that cheesecake baking, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my parents. They arrived on Friday night and brought dinner (yes, they are saints) and we enjoyed dinner. Saturday morning, my parents took Chan on a walk and then brought her back home to play while Adam and I ran four miles...It felt so good! All of this training is paying off and I'm starting to feel a lot less nervous about running an 8K in just a few weeks!

We took a trip to the zoo and I must say, Chandler was a little more impressed this time! I'm sure that had something to do with the fact that a few minutes into the visit she pitched a fit and then was carried by one of her doting servants parents or grandparents for the rest of the trip. We were lucky to be there when you could feed the giraffes and I think Chandler was excited to see the life-sized version of Sophie le Giraffe.

She saw...and screeched at... an Alpaca. For the record, alpacas don't so much like being screeched at, even if it is the happiest and most excited screech of all.

And are these pictures not ridiculously adorable...

To say she loves her grandparents would be the understatement of the century...I mean she is STILL looking for them when I get her out of bed and they left yesterday...

We ended Saturday with some very quick Trick or Treating...that resulted in zero candy because she did not actually Trick or Treat...but she was the cutest little kitty I think I've ever seen...of course I am biased...

All in all last week and this weekend were just perfect. Lots of family time, lots of baby snuggles, lots of love. What more can you ask for?

How was your weekend?

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