Monday, January 28, 2013

"And it was all yellow..."

I never thought, prior to buying our house, that Coldplay's Yellow would be the anthem for our kitchen...but, alas, when you have yellow counter tops, things change!

As promised, I've given you some photos of our kitchen, with one coat of primer, and yellow counter tops.

In the foreground of this picture is a shot of the butcher block counter top
we are using for our new breakfast area. This picture makes me
feel like I need to go home and organize our kitchen. Why is it that my kitchen always
looks cluttered?!

When we took out portions of our kitchen walls, and two cabinets, we were really taking away a fair amount of storage. One of the things I realized about our kitchen, only after moving into it, was that our house doesn't have a pantry. So, we use one set of cabinets as a pantry, chewing up a little more storage space.

Our kitchen has decent storage, but when we took out the cabinets, we knew we were going to need something else. Our family has a little Antiques business, McIntosh Cottage Antiques, so we have borrowed a dresser base to use for additional counter space and storage space.

This photo shows the other side of our kitchen with our new dresser base. 

The addition of the dresser base, meant that we had to lose our island (our former breakfast area). That's when we decided to create the little bar in the first picture (and bottom right corner of the photo above). It's been great! It's the perfect place to eat breakfast or sit and have a glass of wine while cooking dinner.

I'll leave you with this little snippet of our yellow counter tops. Though I'm eager to put in some nice new, perhaps granite, counter tops...the yellow has grown on least for the time being...

Check out the awesome metal retro!

Note: New goal for the blog...take better pictures with an actual camera. And next time I'm photographing my kitchen...I will make sure the towels on the oven are actually folded neatly...

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