Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year: New Resolutions

Happy New Year! I'm a little late, but let's just say our New Year got off to a rocky start. The hubby and I rang in the new year in sweat pants, hooded sweatshirts and wool socks...with fevers...yeah, not ideal! So, I'm trying to regroup and get my life together a few weeks after the rest of the world!

The Hubs and I had an amazing 2012! We watched many of our friends tie the knot, we traveled to Italy for our anniversary (2 years!), and we did some MAJOR work on our yard. And the best sounds like 2013 might be even better.

We have got so much to look forward to this year! We're planning a trip to Ireland (we've already bought the plane tickets!!!)!!! We're about to start renovating our kitchen (the first step is knocking out a wall) and we're going to continue working on our landscaping in the front yard.

Adam has decided for his New Years Resolution this year, he is going to cook dinner one night a week, Wednesday night to be exact. He's been working on his cooking skills and thinks this is a great way to 1. help his wife and 2. work on his talent in the kitchen (he really is talented...). He started last week and prepared a wonderful meal. I was so proud!

I, on the other hand, am struggling to figure out what I want to resolve to do in 2013. I have a lot of thoughts and options...and I'm trying to decide whether or not to narrow my list or tackle them all! Here is the list:

1. Exercise more often. I do exercise regularly, but I tend to do what I want and not challenge myself. In 2013, I want to focus on doing the things I like, like running, while also incorporating some strength training to become more fit and toned. 
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2. Be more "gourmet" in the kitchen. I LOVE to cook and I've grown up cooking. My mom did a great phenomenal job of teaching my sister and me how to cook. However, though I love to cook, I've let my creativity and courage in the kitchen slump. I chalk it up to "working full time", but let's be honest, I've just been lazy. So, this year I want to try the awesome recipes I've been pinning for two years!!! Thank you, Pinterest, for the inspiration!

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3. I want to work smarter this year, both at work and at home. I have so many friends who seem to juggle so much more (like pets and children!) and yet I always feel like I never have enough time to get things done. So, this year, I want to be better at multitasking and working "smarter".

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4. I want to get away more. The hubs and I get stuck in this rut of doing yard work every weekend (and don't get me wrong, I LOVE those weekends) and never just taking off. We have access to a beach house (FOR FREE!!!!) and yet we rarely seem to make it there. I want us to make a point to visit more often. It's the perfect place to relax, ride bikes, stroll on the beach, read a book, and eat some great food! And, we could go there and maintain a relatively low budget.
Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy
Not our beach house...
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5. FINALLY, and by this point I've actually decided that I need to tackle all of these resolutions, I want to be better about appreciating the things I have. I think we are all guilty of this, but sometimes you have to step back and realize that your life is awesome. My life is awesome, and I need to be better about remembering that and thanking God for that every day!

So, after this, I guess I should thank all of you for listening...I think putting all of my resolutions to paper...or computer screen, made me realize that these are all good, healthy things to tackle (well maybe not the cooking...but maybe my gourmet needs to have a healthy focus!). So now, two weeks late, I'm diving in!

First things' first...Body Pump (weight lifting class at my gym...) 5:30 AM!!!!

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