Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project - With A Capital "P"

As many of you probably already know, Adam and I like a good project. We love to relax, but what we really love is a  project with some good, hard work involved. We are a hands-on, do it yourself kind of couple. I think that's one of the qualities that makes us fit together so well. Our parents, both sets, are very much the same, so they've been helping us learn how to "do it ourselves" around our own little house.

Since we've moved into our little 50's ranch style house, we have:

  • painted all of the rooms (except two...)
  • put up wainscoting in one of the bathrooms
  • renovated (from top to bottom, literally) our sun room, making it a room we can actually stand to be in use
  • removed what must have been 5,000 over grown, unruly azaleas to clean up our back yard for a fence 
  • put out a pallet of sod
  • and the list goes on...
Much like the list above, there is a never-ending list of projects in any home...and ours is no exception. So, this weekend we are starting the mother of all projects -- we are KNOCKING OUT WALLS!

Oh yes, I said it...demolition, here we come. We have been looking forward to this since we first moved in the house.

Our house, much like many 50's ranch style houses, is very compartmentalized. Each room is very separate from the rest of the house and our kitchen is no exception. So, this weekend we will be removing the top half of two walls to open up the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Of course the project doesn't stop there, so here is a little list of what we plan to do over the next few probably years of our lives:

  • remove the top half of the walls between the kitchen, living room, and dining room
  • replace the old crown molding with new, heavier crown molding
  • paint the dining room and kitchen (taking them from bright red to a pale green)
  • replace the dining room chandelier

And WAY down at the very bottom of the list (for one day when we can afford it...)

  • new cabinet doors
  • new counter tops in the kitchen
  • pull up the linoleum tile and hope and pray to see pretty hardwood floors underneath
  • Hardhat photo from: Coopersafety.com
  • pending the above is true...refinish the hard wood floors in the kitchen...if that isn't the case, tile the floor in the kitchen, with real tile, not that plastic stuff

The Project starts this weekend and my goal is to document every step of the way! Look for more posts on our big renovation...and get excited...I'll be posting information about the new wall color, the new chandelier, hopefully a new rug for the dining room and lots of other exciting things! Grab your hardhats...here we go!

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