Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exciting Announcement!

This month, I'm launching a little business! 

I'm excited to announce that Keep Your Fork Cheesecakes is up and running!!!!

This whole idea got started this summer when I decided to master the sour cream cheesecake with raspberry sauce from our favorite restaurant in St. Simons Island. The restaurant recently changed ownership and the cheesecake didn't make the cut (Umm...yes...they are insane for not putting it on the menu).

This sour cream cheesecake with a chocolate crust and raspberry sauce is my dad's FAVORITE, so I set out to make my own to surprise him for his birthday and it was a hit.

I'll be the first to admit that cheesecakes are notoriously difficult and this has not been an easy journey...though given we now have a cheesecake in the house just about all the time, I'd say it has been an enjoyable but tricky journey. And my waistline is ready to get this business up and running!!! I need to put a little space between the cheesecakes and my fork!

Why the name "Keep Your Fork"?
Well, Adam and I hosted a dinner party about a month ago and as we were clearing plates and asking our friends to "keep your fork" it just kind of happened. It was a group discussion for about .5 seconds before we all voted and decided that was definitely going to stick!

Where did the logo come from?
My amazing friend, fellow blogger, and sorority sister, Katie at Farm to Fête designed this logo and I am in LOVE! She is so talented and I enjoyed working with her so much that I've already signed her up to do Chandler's first birthday party invitations! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

I'm excited and very nervous, but I can't wait to share these desserts with you! 

For information on pricing, flavors, etc. visit the "Keep Your Fork Cheesecakes" page listed on the right side at the top of my blog. (Or just click here

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