Tuesday, September 30, 2014

24 Week Bumpdate!

24 Weeks!!
How far along: 24 weeks!

Baby Size: Our sweet baby girl is the size of an ear of corn today. She is about 8.5-12 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half. Her brain is developing and her tastebuds are forming. And our sweet girl is starting to gain a little weight. 

Weight gain: I'm up a total of 17 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. 

Maternity clothes: All the time...

Sleep: I've been sleeping really well this week. I'm waking up a few times a night to tinkle and drink some water, but otherwise, I'm sleeping well and enjoying my sleep!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!

Movement: Our baby girl is a mover! This little on is going to be a dancer or a little runner...she seems to be on the go a lot!

Best moment this week: Spending some quality time with Adam and visiting a friend and her new baby! Adam and I spent some time together in baby classes this week. We took Caring for You and Your Baby and then on Saturday we had a full day of Your Special Delivery. Both of the classes were very informative and worthwhile. We learned a lot and got to tour the hospital. On Sunday, I drove to Augusta to see a friend of mine and her family. She just had her second little girl! It was so good to see them and I really enjoyed seeing her sweet girls! I'm looking forward to some play dates and trips to the zoo with them once our little one arrives!

Looking forward to: My first baby shower this Saturday! My parents are coming to town this weekend and we're going to start painting the nursery and on Sunday we have our first baby shower! I am so excited and feel like Adam and I and are sweet baby are so loved!

Food cravings: Fruit and sweets...and then various other foods that are mentioned here and there in passing conversation. it's crazy...but that's all it takes these days!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

What I miss: I am missing my normal feet. I'm trying to be better about putting these guys up, but it's just not easy...and very boring! Luckily my boss has been flexible with me and allowed me to work from home some so that I can prop my feet WAAAYYY up and work while dealing with some of this swelling!

Symptoms: Swelling feet...

Nursery: Stay tuned for a nursery update!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Mood: My mood is great! I'm excited about all of the fun things that are happening now!

Workouts: I walked a total of 18.5 miles this week. I've been trying to curb my walking a little to carve out a little more time to be home with my feet up. This small change seems to be helping with the swelling, so hopefully it will continue to help!

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