Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gender Reveal and 100 posts!!!

This weekend was a BIG weekend at our house. Our gender reveal FINALLY arrived. After four weeks of waiting...and not cheating and looking at the envelope with the results, September 20th finally arrived!

We spent most of the day finishing up projects (Adam and my dad finished tiling the shower and putting up the trim in the nursery) and preparing for that night's festivities. Major thank yous to my parents, sister and Adam...I was having some swelling issues in my feet and was trying to remain horizontal with my feet up for a large part of the day. Those four worked so hard to make sure that everything was just perfect...while I fought with myself to stay on the sofa. It was not easy! 

We had our parents, my sister, and some of our very close friends over for the festivities. Our original plan had been to wait and cut into the cake around dessert...but we I caved and had to cut the cake shortly after everyone arrived.

Here is the play by play:
Cake by Sweet Reba's!

Cutting into the cake...

Slowly pulling out a slice...look at my sweet daddy in the back capturing every moment!
Big smiles as we learn we are having a GIRL!!!

Check out that big smile on Adam's face! I love it!!!!

We were both so thrilled to learn that we will be having a little girl! The picture above is my absolute favorite. Adam is already a great dad and our sweet baby girl already has him wrapped around her finger! If that picture doesn't make you swoon...well maybe it doesn't make you swoon, but it makes me!!?!?! I absolutely love seeing his genuinely excited face.
THE slice!
So happy!!!
My sweet sister!
We are beyond excited about this sweet baby girl and cannot wait to meet our little angel. We've been doing quite a bit of planning since the gender reveal so expect a nursery post soon!

In other news, this little blog that started out on a whim officially has 100 posts!!!!! Here's praying for 100 more! A big thanks to those of you who've been reading and keeping up with me for the past FOUR years!

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