Sunday, September 7, 2014

Date Night: Restaurant Review

Two weeks ago, Adam and I decided it was time for a much needed date night. Even though we have dinner together every night, and it's still just the two of us (at least for a few more months...), there is something to be said about going out for a nice dinner. 

I'd had a kind of rough week (busy at work, busy outside of work, and just general pregnancy emotions...) and Adam thought this would be a great way to relax...he was right! We went to one of our favorites, Rosso, and it did not disappoint!

Date night mad that I didn't think to ask the server if she could take our photo together!
While we perused the menu, Adam enjoyed a Peroni, one of our favorite beers...and I enjoyed a club soda. Crazy as it sounds, I've been drinking so much water lately that the club soda did seem like a nice break!
The always wonderful menu...
The owner and chef for Rosso work together to create a menu that includes a fair amount of local produce, seafood, and meat. I love this touch! For starters we decided on the Insalata di Casa for me, and the cheese plate for Adam. The cheese plate changes and is not on the regular menu, but is listed on the specials.
Insalata di casa: Beets, Gorgonzola crumbles, glazed walnuts with a citrus vinaigrette..ummm good.
Adam's cheese plate! Loved this combination of cheese, house-made pickles, nuts and dried fruit!
Our appetizers were wonderful, but had nothing on the main courses...ordering our entrees was a bit more difficult. Though I am a total foodie and I love trying new restaurants and new food, when it comes to Rosso I have a hard time. I LOVE and I mean absolutely LOVE their Scampi di Rosso and order it nearly every time I go. But, this time, I decided to step out of my comfort-zone, and order something new. There is no way to really step out of your comfort zone at Rosso because everything is amazing. I settled on ordering the Lobster & Crab Succotash and ladies and did not disappoint! The pasta was perfectly cooked and the sauce was wonderful! It was creamy, and had tons of flavors from all of the veggies packed in! The best part, it was topped with tons of crab and lobster!
Lobster & Crab Succotash
Adam, also a creature of habit, decided that he had to have his beloved Ragu di Bolognese. Normally, I would totally tell him that any sort of "bolognese" is just kind of a waste of a nice meal...but OMG y'all, this bolognese is amazing. It has great flavor, a little spice, and isn't drenched in sauce like you find at some places. To us, this Ragu di Bolognese, seems very authentically Italian.
Ragu di bolognese
Of course, we coudl not pass up dessert. Adam ordered a glass of port, and I ordered the creme brulee. Yes, I did share, no I did not necessarily want to...
Adam's port...
crème brûlée
We are huge fans of crème brûlée and are seriously considering purchasing a kitchen torch so that we can make our own. This crème brûlée was amazing, of course. The drunken berries were a wonderful touch and added a little tart flavor to the very creamy and sweet custard. This was a fabulous meal and a great night out together. 

I feel like even though Adam and I see each other every night and every morning and spend our weekends together, it is rare that we get a chance to just sit and really talk without worrying about anything else. This was a great break and almost like a mini-vacation. 

We walked away from this night deciding that we need many more date nights before our sweet baby arrives...and after!

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