Thursday, September 4, 2014

Refurbished Patio Furniture

So Adam and I have been searching for patio furniture since we moved into our house five years ago. Each summer, at the end of the season, we search all of the big summer sales and then decide that there isn't any room in the budget for the patio furniture we want and thus we go another year with out it.

Well this year was no exception. We searched, we found what we loved, and we determined that it was still too expensive. After moving on to something else, my parents offered to let us have some of my grandmother's old patio furniture that we could paint and use until we decided to pull the trigger on the fancy stuff (which at this rate, could take years...)

We found a great royal blue and white striped umbrella at Lowe's and some fun pillows on sale at World Market to use as the inspiration for our refurbishing.
Before we could get started with the painting, I sanded both chairs and the table to remove all of the chipping paint and rust. We used Rustoleum spray paint and chose turquoise for the chairs and a bright yellow for the table.
It took about one full can of spray paint per chair and then I used a third can for touch ups. The paint went on really well and I only needed on good coat!
Finished Product
The finished product yielded better results than I initially hoped for! While I still owe you a picture of the completed project, this one (above) gives you a good idea of the transformation that took place with just about five cans of spray paint!
One of two lumbar pillows from the World Market end of summer sale!

We got lucky with the pillows from World Market! Each pillow was on sale for a little over $12. We put a pillow in each chair, put up our big royal blue umbrella in the middle of the table and added a cute turquoise lantern to the table to tie everything together. We now have great outdoor seating for two and I can't wait to take advantage of these seats once fall weather starts to set in!

This was an easy project and with the pillows, umbrella and spray paint, only cost us about $75...just to get a little perspective, the patio furniture we've been eyeing is about $1, yeah, this made a little more sense and was a lot more budget friendly!

What DIY summer projects have you tackled this season?

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