Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sneak Peek: Nursery Progress

After a full weekend at home last weekend, we made some pretty serious progress on the nursery. We've still got a lot to do, but expect a full post on the progress so far after this weekend!

Here is our nursery checklist:

  • Return dresser, coffer, and bedside table to McIntosh Cottage Antiques. We have a great arrangement with my parents and were able to turn in the first pieces we borrowed from them and will eventually pick out a few other pieces for the nursery.
  • Sell and move bed. Our old bed became someone's new bed!
  • Finish the inside of the new closet.
  • Caulk new bookshelf and closet
  • Mud new sheet rock on new closet.
  • Finish hanging trim.
  • Caulk all new trim.
  • Remove window cornices.
  • Replace old window trim.  We decided to skip this. Our current trim fits perfectly with our old cornices that we are going to instead, we painted this trim white!
  • Paint the room
  • Paint the  new closet doors and built-in shelves. 
  • Build, cover, and hang new window cornices.
  • Put together the crib.
  • Purchase and install new furniture.

There are still a lot of things that need to be done, like general organization, and we're going to get started on that this weekend. We have two more baby showers (we're so spoiled! Thank you sweet friends) and those will really make a difference in the organization process! Right now, we want to be organized, but still don't exactly have a lot of the things we need! As we get more and more prepared though, we'll be more organized.

We're planning to finish the painting this weekend which should allow us to start stocking the built in shelves in the nursery and organize the closet!

For now though, here is a little photo to whet your appetite...
The crib has finally been assembled!

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